A Military Airfield, Germany - March, 2018

My first real Urban Exploration was done on that airfield. This is where it all began for me and it wasn't even that long ago!
The airfield opened in 1936, initially for the usage for civilian air traffic such as sport flying (if that's a word). Not only that but the area was also used for construction of various aircraft-related mechanisms and for supporting the army with weapon technology during the Second World War. The Red Army took over operations after WW2 which explains the signs with cyrillic writing.

The Full Album can be found here (didn't want to clout the forum too much): D-Flugfeld 41262788642_88bd989941_k.jpg 41304928471_700f5ef95f_k.jpg 40409314405_0267528dce_k.jpg 39496107700_f201690ae7_k.jpg 40409627845_0a4e9b705a_k.jpg 40409580785_f57c3b9a53_k.jpg 40409589685_c159520ac2_k.jpg 27433031248_6a521d7233_k.jpg 41262667442_4bc05ef70b_k.jpg 40591710494_cfc1511d58_k.jpg